Book Trailer Production

I’d go absolutely insane if I wrote for ten hours a day, so I seek refuge in the calming, zen art of video editing, specialising in an increasingly important part of any author’s arsenal: the book trailer.

I absolutely love it. I started my illustrious television career as an editor before writing and producing shows that you probably haven’t heard of unless you’re an Aussie. I’ve decided to come out of early retirement and bless writers with the greatest gift a fellow author could offer: a kick-ass, affordable book trailer that will lure potential readers.

Define kick-arse? Well here’s the trailer for my book, Nine-Tenths of the Law.

No crappy fonts, no spinning animated Powerpoint presentations, no zany author pieces to camera. A touch of class using still images and text that means your viewer immediately starts reading your book. You don’t want it to be so film-like that people say “That’s awesome; I can’t wait till the movie comes out”.

Like my style?

Still images + text is $120 per minute of completed video. $20 per hour for revisions. That includes a bit of pre-production banter via email or Skype and royalties for images.

If you’d like stock video footage used instead of stills, I’d give you samples and a quote for additional charges but video tends to be expensive (at least $50 per item) and it would usually take a few pieces of footage to do even the simplest moving video trailer. Having said that, I’d certainly enjoy putting it together.

Voice-overs, original footage, actors… it’s all possible but certainly requires scoping and quoting.

Of course, I’ll assist you with Youtube set-up, uploading and promotion if required.

Check my contact page and choose your preferred method of communication.

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