Nine-Tenths of the Law – Free Book For Subscribers

A doomed killer’s cryptic warning, an ancient Japanese book on the occult, a family of Italian witches, a mannequin that can’t be destroyed, the murderous spirit of a dead child…

Detective Ben Ricci is at the end of his tether. Professionally and morally corrupt, his past crimes are coming back to haunt him.

He’s in no mood to listen to fairy tales. He’s determined to find a real—human—killer. He needs this arrest.

Five star reviews:

‘I haven’t read a mystery as great as this in a long time’ – C J Anaya, author of The Healer series

‘Thriller, horror, suspense…all you could ask for!’ … ‘A rollercoaster ride in a wicked theme park’ … ‘A real creepiness to it that kept me tapping my Kindle’ … ‘Horror is my favorite genre and this did not disappoint’ … ‘The work of a pretty twisted imagination’

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