Free Fiction

Short Story: ‘Appointment For Afternoon Tea’

A vain, pretentious lad gets more than he bargained for on a blind date. #Weird #Occult 'An Appointment For Afternoon ...
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Flash Fiction: ‘Product Placement’

A modern couple choose an extreme method to keep their marriage alive. #Sci-fi #Dystopian Product Placement Glenn H. Mitchell The pet was delivered ...
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The Trial by Glenn H Mitchelll

Short Story: ‘The Trial’

Just another day in the life of the universe's most feared killer. #Sci-fi #Horror The Trial Glenn H. Mitchell The ...
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Flash Fiction: ‘Sparrows and Lorikeets and Crows’

An old dog deals with survival and the growing realisation that its owner is not going to wake up. #literary ...
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Flash Fiction: ‘The Diner’

An old man continues his unusual revenge against the Catholic church. The Diner Glenn H. Mitchell A small grey-haired man ...
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Flash Fiction: ‘Coagulation’

A man has as a love affair with cheese that technically borders on infidelity. #BlackComedy Coagulation Glenn H. Mitchell He ...
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