Midnight Echo 12

‘Tomorrow’ published in Midnight Echo 12

I partied for a couple of months, and I have to admit (in the interest of transparency) that I was simply too trashed to write anything, or edit, or attempt getting published ...
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A horror writer humbly apologises to facebook

A letter of apology to Mark Zuckerberg, his team and my fans

Like every other author on the planet, my life is ruled by post engagements and Facebook page likes, so I was obviously devastated today when I was reminded by Mark Zuckerberg (thanks ...
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The horror of being ADD and OCD in the modern era

I’ll be distracted at least 20 times while I write this, but I’ll make up for it by doing 20 drafts. During any era that would have been quite normal ...
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How to die drunk and poor

How to die drunk and poor – writing with integrity

I was executing a well-planned campaign of shameless self-promotion. I’d done everything according to articles, guides, forums, courses… whatever I could find. Considering I was promoting my second book, I ...
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‘Tomorrow’ wins the 2016 AHWA Flash & Short Story Competition

Approximately 12 hours after winning the flash category in the Australian Horror Writers Association’s Flash & Short Story Competition, I had a world-class hangover. So I’d like to thank the ...
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The craft – my plan to dominate the paranormal romance market

I finally worked out this whole ‘artistry’ thing is never going to support my thirst for rare liquors, unorthodox entertainment and exotic locations. The word ‘art’ is offensive to most ...
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