Nine-Tenths of the Law on Amazon Best Sellers List – Now Free For Subscribers

FB MurderLast week we launched Nine-Tenths of the Law, which peaked at #2 on the ‘supernatural’ list and reached the top five lists for ‘noir’ and ‘hardboiled’. If you bought the book for 99c during the launch week, thank you for exploiting me. You contributed to my highest position on the all-important Amazon rankings and I made enough money to buy a margarita.

Two weeks ago I was staring at six reviews, using alcohol to prevent a downward spiral into the pits of depression. Now, looking at 27 reviews and a pleasing rating of four and half stars, I’m feeling upbeat. My editor and I believed I’d written an unusual and compelling mystery story. My belief has never wavered.

The book is now priced at $2.99 but I’ve decided to continue my financial self-sabotage by offering a free eBook to anyone who subscribes using the sign-up form or incredibly annoying pop-up. If you’ve read Nine-Tenths, you can have a copy of Nowhere. If you’ve read both books, you will get a free copy of my forthcoming novel, which has the working title of ‘First Person’. It should be available within a couple of months.

I’m also developing a members-only section of the site for exclusive content including what I call the wallflowers. They’re the short stories that have gone through the magazine submission grinder, only to be spat back at me. They’re good stories that have been unlucky and deserve much better treatment. They deserve refined, intelligent, beautiful readers like you.

Thanks to my readers and allies. Get ready for a barrage of new material in the months to come. As the old Aussie saying goes, I’m not here to f*** spiders.

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