‘Nowhere’ will be a series

Nowhere web header redI’ve been doing a lot of thinking (drinking, smoking, walking in insanely small circles, mumbling to myself, acting out scenes, lucid dreaming) and I now probably have three more possible books in what will now become The Nowhere Series.

Yeah, I know the naming of the series is incredibly imaginative, but let’s say just I’m a simple man.

Little bit of trivia here. Did you know I actually lost a novel? Yeah, still can’t find it. In my defence, I used to get that drunk. With no defence, I’ll admit I still do. Don’t worry; the novel was shit and I can remember the important data, so I can now harness the ideas effectively.  As a double-huh! check this out: it was about the same mythology as Nowhere. I know. Mind blown.

So if you’ve read Nowhere, you’re probably already settling in to enjoy the virality of this article; but if you haven’t read it, well perhaps there is hope for you.



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