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Video / Reading– Assimilate

15 years ago, after reading a friend's thesis on the future of internet advertising and customer data, I wrote 'Assimilate'.




She walks through shadows of crosses

Lines clearly defined



And grey

They stripe her frame


She creeps towards me

Her tongue is out

Her hands are out


Her talons shoot straight through me

I am wrapped in oblivion

I do not care


She undresses

But warns me:

Never run

This is good


Seeds of lime green and scarlet

Blossom in her wake


Tapered fingers threaten

Then break

Through the skin


I let go to her



Her heart is shallows and currents

I’m completely entwined



And green

Soft reeds and seaweeds


She waits below me

Her tits are out

Her teeth are out


Her bent claws adore me

I am the scrap at aphelian

I cannot be repaired


She caresses

But scorns me:

You won’t run

It’s too good


Pods of sharp pinks and bruised purples

Blossom as she shakes


Captured hearts quicken

Then break

Through the flesh

I pluck mine for her



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