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Glenn H Mitchell novels never fit into a particular genre despite the appeals of editors and publishers. Having been a successful screenwriter, he has a more cinematic approach to storytelling that allows for genre-bending, which appears to be more readily accepted by film lovers than fans of literature.

One thing that can be guaranteed is a strong element of mystery. Every story is a whodunnit although never in the traditional sense. All stories have elements of horror although the style leans closer to weird fiction rather than body horror. In general he likes readers to be freaked out, not grossed out. Readers and critics of the books generally describe the stories as dark, creepy and twisted. Mitchell always leaves room for comedy, although it’s often of the darker variety.

Mitchell is currently working on his third novel, which is a blend of mystery, black comedy and philosophical horror. The working title is First Person. Following a common theme in Mitchell’s short stories, the novel explores solipsism and psychological suggestion. The book is expected to be published during 2019.

The fourth book will be the result of an idea that even Mitchell admits is ridiculous. Project369 is a challenge to publish one story per day for 369 days. Mitchell is currently digging up every manuscript in his archives with a view to belt them into shape for the project, which is scheduled to begin on January 1, 2019.

All stories will be available to read on this website, free of charge. After the 369th story is published, the best 100 stories will become a collection that will be published, probably during 2019. The collection will also include work previously published including Tomorrow, which was recently published in Midnight Echo. Stories that make the cut will be removed from the site. The rest of the stories will remain online, and will only be removed if requested by a publisher.

Glenn H Mitchell novels

Nine-Tenths front cover artNine-Tenths of the Law 

Weird fiction meets hardboiled crime in the strangest mystery of the year.

‘I haven’t read a mystery as great as this in a long time’ – C J Anaya, author of The Healer series

What Amazon readers are saying in five star reviews:

Mitchell’s twisted imagination is spellbinding

5 stars for its wow factor!

Exciting, somewhat twisted, and completely engrossing

Thriller, horror, suspense – all you could ask for!

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NowhereNowhere cover copy 2

An intense sci-fi thriller that redefines ‘first contact’

‘Mitchell’s background in TV writing shines through in the pacing of this darker-than-dark novel’ – Scifi365

What Amazon readers are saying in five star reviews:

A fantastic thriller

I was thrilled, generally creeped out, and frightened by this tale

Masterful SF

Can’t wait to see where the author takes us next

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