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Nine-Tenths of the Law

A doomed killer’s cryptic warning, an ancient Japanese book on the occult, a family of Italian witches, a mannequin that can’t be destroyed, the murderous spirit of a dead child. With Nine-Tenths of the Law, Glenn H Mitchell turns to crime, creating a wickedly twisted mystery that will haunt readers long after the final page.

Detective Ben Ricci is not a believer. Everything must have a logical explanation, including the brutal murder of Fabrizio Lecanto. All he needs is a broken alibi or compelling motive. Instead he has unreliable testimonies, all telling the same dubious ghost story.

It’s bad timing for Ricci. He’s under investigation, struggling to save his marriage and shamefully obsessed with a key witness. To find the killer, he’ll need to control his many compulsions. Unfortunately self-control has never been Ben’s strong suit.

As the killer’s evil intent becomes clear, one cop’s stubborn cynicism will challenge the demented zeal of believers, shedding unwanted light on a society’s darkest secrets.

“Prepare yourself for something very dark and terrifying…excellent prose and the skills of a screenwriter craftsman make us wonder if this could be a horror flick….? Excellent book, this.” – Grady Harp, San Francisco Review of Books

Nine-Tenths of the Law by Glenn H Mitchell Amazon UKFive star reviews of Nine-Tenths of the Law

“I haven’t read a mystery as great as this in a long time” – C J Anaya, author of The Healer series

‘Thriller, horror, suspense…all you could ask for!’

‘ A rollercoaster ride in a wicked theme park’

‘A real creepiness to it that kept me tapping my Kindle’

‘Horror is my favorite genre and this did not disappoint’ 

‘This book is a cracker!’ 

‘You are soon swept into sweaty anticipation’

‘The work of a pretty twisted imagination’

Where to buy Nine-Tenths of the Law

Kindle – USA – Amazon

Kindle – Australia – Amazon

Kindle – UK – Amazon

Kindle – Print Edition (Softcover)

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The San Francisco Review of Books – Review by Grady Harp


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