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Glenn H. Mitchell’s first novel Nowhere dissects the mind of a killer, creating a complex anti-hero trapped in a game of psychological chess that has no rules. Manipulation, substance abuse, deceit, sex, torture and love are simply moves in a game that will determine the future of our species.

Nowhere is the name we’ve given to that tempting and frightening uncharted space beyond the planets we mine and the wars we wage. As our charts grow, Nowhere gets smaller, bringing us closer to an inevitable discovery we’ve increasingly anticipated and feared.

First contact.

The ideal candidate to represent humans during that momentus first meeting would be the perfect specimen of our species: a great communicator, educator and diplomat.

Instead, an exiled war criminal is drifting beyond the charts and entering ’Nowhere’, unwittingly setting a course for an historic confrontation. Suicidal, alcoholic and sociopathic, Shaun may prove to be humanity’s greatest weapon against a sinister plot that will redefine his character and his perception of evil.

“Mitchell’s background in TV writing shines through in the pacing of this darker-than-dark novel. Strong dialogue, intriguing characters and a hero who is a suicidal war-criminal tells you that you’re not reading a run-of-the-mill Science Fiction author here. ‘Nowhere’ is definitely not content to coast by on tired SF cliches. A thrilling debut.” –

Nowhere - a novel by Glenn H MitchellWhat readers say about Nowhere

“Well-written, engagingly paced, suspenseful, and mind twisting”

‘I was thrilled, generally creeped out, and frightened by this tale’

‘If this story was a meal I would suggest a robust red wine to wash it down’

‘Hard to come up with a completely new creature feature but Mitchell manages it with ease’

‘Like a doom clock counting down, roping me in more and more’ 

Where to buy Nowhere

Kindle – USA – Amazon

Kindle – Australia – Amazon

Kindle – UK – Amazon

Kindle – Print Edition (Softcover)

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