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Glenn Mitchell is the author of weird fiction including two novels: the science fiction, Nowhere, and supernatural thriller, Nine-Tenths of the Law.

English dux, incurable nerd, very silly boy

Glenn H. Mitchell began writing horror stories at the age of eight. While other kids were excitedly unwrapping Playstations on Christmas day, he was thrilled to receive a vintage typewriter. So began an epic battle with ink stains, twisting typewriter ribbons, and a reluctant letter ‘L’ that made his hundreds of early manuscripts very difficult to read.

After one of his poems was shared with faculty members at Brisbane Boys Grammar, Mitchell was offered a scholarship. He rejected it because he was in love with a girl at his high school. A week after the scholarship offer was rescinded, the girl dropped him. He would probably be a lot more successful if he’d never met that girl.

At age 14 when he received an ‘F’ for his interpretation of Keats’ Ode on a Grecian Urn, he successfully appealed the decision at the Board of Education, which described his essay as an ‘original and valid alternative’. This, along with the many cautions he received for reading and reviewing ‘inappropriate’ literature, made it clear that he was an incurable nerd.

Equipment thief, amateur distiller, tarot reader

Glenn Mitchell was chosen from more than 8,000 applicants for Australia’s first accredited radio and television production course. He took advantage of the diploma’s broad curriculum to major in journalism, scriptwriting and creative writing.

As a filmmaker, he shot to the top of his class quickly by becoming the first student to work out how to use a tripod. He became infamous for sneaking into the college’s audio/video department to ‘borrow’ equipment for his own productions. The first short film he wrote and directed was selected for a touring exhibition that appeared in some of Australia’s most prestigious galleries.

Somehow he completed the diploma with credits and distinctions despite the fact he seldom appeared at campus. By the time he left the college, he seemed to be more interested in distilling alcohol, sleeping in, watching daytime soap operas, conducting tarot readings, and studying black magic.

Comedy writer, journalist, rock star, dole bludger

After a short stint as a copywriter, Glenn Mitchell decided to break into the television industry. His career began bizarrely as an extra in TV commercials, but after writing one of the most bizarre CVs imaginable, he caught the attention of Channel 9 and the ABC. For ten years he worked as a presenter, writer, editor and producer, creating programs for the ABC, Foxtel and SBS, including co-writing the infamous Australian comedy series, Pizza.

Glenn Mitchell switched to music journalism and toured Australia, interviewing artists for Recovery, MTV, Channel V, Ministry, The Brag, and Whammo. He played bass guitar in bands that supported popular local and international acts including Suicidal Tendencies, Powderfinger and Foo Fighters.

Glenn Mitchell becomes Glenn H. Mitchell

Despite writing hundreds of stories, Glenn Mitchell had never attempted to sell his work. In 2014 he realised the only thing holding him back was the initial ‘H’. After becoming Glenn H. Mitchell, his first novel Nowhere was published, soon followed by Nine-Tenths of the Law in 2015.

Glenn H. Mitchell’s short stories have appeared in Midnight Echo, The J.J. Outré Review, Crack the Spine Literary Magazine, and Shine. He was a winner of the Australian Horror Writers Association 2016 Annual Flash & Short Story Competition, and on the judging panel the following year.

Mitchell currently lives in Cambodia where he writes fiction, wears very large sunglasses, drinks margaritas and avoids employment. He is a successful ghost writer of non-fiction, and has recently returned to video production after setting up a studio in a jungle north of Kampot. As a proud member of the Australian Horror Writers Association, he is dedicated to the art of scaring people.

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