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All subscribers get a copy of the novel, Nine-Tenths of the Law. After confirming your subscription, you’ll receive an email giving you a choice of three file formats to download. Subscribers are also eligible for discounts, exclusive stories, and live longer, enriched lives. There’s no empirical evidence to back that claim, but you’ll at least get the free ebook. If you don’t, just send me an angry email, and shortly after killing my entire web development team, I’ll get in touch to sort out any issues.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever send you an email, so you needn’t worry about spam. Just subscribe, get the book, and please review it if you enjoy the story. If you don’t enjoy it, feel free to just forget the whole unfortunate incident. 

If you’d rather just stalk me from a distance, you might prefer to like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. For more information about who the hell I am, it would make sense to proceed to the about Glenn H Mitchell page.

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